Trello Export to Excel (Cards and Boards) with Bridge24

Project management platforms, including cloud-based tools like Trello, provide a competitive advantage for businesses of all sizes, whether established or startups. By utilizing these tools, companies can optimize their operations, enhance productivity, and thrive in a dynamic business landscape constantly reshaped by disruptive innovations.

Trello is a highly effective platform for managing work and promoting collaboration. Countless individuals rely on it to monitor and coordinate projects, streamline processes, and achieve important objectives. However, despite its many advantages, Trello does have some limitations, such as the absence of essential features like the ability to Export to Excel, which can be crucial for project success.

Bridge24 – Export your cards and boards to Excel or CSV

Bridge24 for Trello is a cloud-based software to help export your cards and boards to Excel. By using this application, users can dynamically connect to their project management platform and achieve instant two-way synchronization. They can visualize and modify data from any tool and see the changes reflected on the other tool in real time. With Bridge24, there is no duplication of user information, and the import/export and migration processes are simple.

Subscribers of Bridge24 for Trello can enjoy a more comprehensive business solution, gaining access to improved exporting and reporting features. For instance, instead of having to use multiple platforms and undergo numerous processes to view exported JSON files in a spreadsheet, users can utilize Bridge24 to accomplish these tasks with ease. This allows users to obtain precise sets of data in a format that is easy to read and has acceptable print quality.


Export Options

Bridge24 for Trello has a combination of features that give the user a seamless experience. The tool makes exporting seamless across multiple boards and allows users to scan through boards within a particular period. With it, you can sift to a particular card, list, or board, organize them, and export them. Bridge24 also enables users to sort by custom field, user, project, or other parameters. The filter can be saved for future reuse.

This application enables users to export the precise data they need for a presentation or report. They can export for the user or customer who uses a spreadsheet tool such as Microsoft Excel. In the file export, the user can add custom fields, to-do lists, comments, and even attachment details and URL links in Trello cards. Users can make one XLSX file or add extra sheets in Excel. This allows the information to be meticulously organized and easy to visualize. Users can also opt to export in CSV format.

Extend Your Capabilities Beyond Task Management

Bridge24 for Trello enhances Trello’s capabilities by offering additional functionalities, such as powerful views. This software enables users to break free from the constraints of the Kanban board view and visualize their information in a variety of formats, including the Calendar View, Power Grid, Report Engine, Interactive Charts, and more. Additionally, users can export files from any view type with just a few clicks.


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