Trello – Backup & Export your Documents & Files in Bulk

Bridge24 is a productivity tool for Trello users, which offers advanced capabilities for reporting, exporting, and visualization. Recently, a new feature has been added to Bridge24 that enables users to download Trello card files in bulk.

With this new feature, Trello users can download all files associated with a card or board in bulk. Users have the option to either download all attachments at once or select specific ones to download. Additionally, the feature also allows users to download attachments within a specified date range, which can be useful for archiving or reporting purposes.


Backup Files & Documents For Trello

  • Permits users to download files from either a board, a team, or all cards in their Trello account, either individually or in bulk.
  • During the transfer process, this feature offers status tracking and generates an index and log for reference.
  • Saves documents in an organized zip file structure.
  • Users can create multiple zip files automatically and also have the option to compress them using this feature.
  • Users can either download files one by one from the grid within the documents field or directly from the card edit panel or export all the documents associated with the card in bulk.

User Questions and Answers

Q: Does the File Download Manager support downloading a large number of files?
A: Yes, the File Download Manager can handle any number of files, even if they exceed 10GB in Trello.

Q: Is it possible to group attachments by board and card in the zip file?
A: Yes, users can set the “Zip folder hierarchy” option under the “Options” tab to “By Board.” There are several options available, including “None,” “By board/card,” “By board,” and “By card.”

Q: Can users download attachments from a card all at once?
A: Yes, users can open a card from the “Edit Card” panel and click on the “Download” link to zip and download all files associated with that task simultaneously.

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