Western Culture

Cultures have been generally labeled as eastern or western depending on which part of the globe that particular culture is, if it is in the east it came to be known as eastern culture, and similarly for western culture. But there is a lot of difference between various cultures as a particular culture consists of customs, ideas, values and many other traits, which are different for different cultures. Western culture has been a source of constant inspiration for aspiration, and people around the world have used the terms western culture and modernization interchangeably.The history of western culture is replete with many events that have influenced it and shaped its present form and structure. Important among them (and responsible for the present European version of western culture) is it’s development at the hands of the Greeks, its expansion by the Romans, and then further enrichment by the Europeans.HistoryThe Greeks developed many faculties like art, literature, politics, and architecture around the time of Jesus Christ, but with the defeat at the hands of Romans at that time everything came under their control. For around the next 500 years the Romans continued to develop the culture, keeping intact the work done by the Greeks. The Latin and Greek languages flourished under the Romans. But under the Romans democracy was not given the status, it enjoyed during the Greeks.With the downfall of the Roman Empire everything about the Greco-Roman culture, arts and science was lost. The kings of different regions in Europe waged a war among themselves and there was political instability all over. The advent of Roman Catholicism helped to stabilize the tensions and preserved art, literature, and science through the many Churches, seminaries, and cathedrals at a time when it was hard to preserve them.The most vital and long lasting effects occurred, in the late Middle Ages, during Renaissance, which started in the city of Florence; and from there spread to the rest of Europe, when different disciplines were encouraged like literature, painting, art, science, religion, philosophy etc. It led to total reformation and redevelopment. This, in turn, had many effects on the more creative and intellectual fields, such as technology, medical advancement, and scientific capability.Age of EnlightenmentThe Enlightenment period focused on reasoning as the fountainhead for all validity and authority. It depended more on science and reasoning to answer the questions of the people. It advocated questioning of conventional wisdom, beliefs and traditions which were not based on some strong foundations of rationality and scientific intellectual. The Enlightenment was a source of inspiration for many revolutions in the West; it resulted in the success of the American Revolution, and the Atlantic Revolution.Modern AspectMuch of the present form of Western culture has been derived from the culture of the past. The western culture today is not limited to the European countries, it includes even those where there was colonization and large-scale European settlement. The western culture today is characterized by its lifestyle, democratic principles and values, it is less influenced by religion, technological and medical advancements and multiculturalism, which make it an inspiration for people around the world.

Weak Sales? You Might Need An Image Makeover In Telemarketing

How can a business stay profitable in today’s market? The answer can be fairly is simple. All they have to do is to get the best business data. Well, this is something that is easily said than done. After all, information gathering is one of the most difficult tasks that a company can undertake. It is human nature to resist attempts of people you do not know of if they are asking you for information. This is a job that will require the careful skills of telemarketers. Come to think of it, they are the best for this type of work. The information they can gather is very valuable for many firms. That is, of course, if the telemarketing firm that you are working with is actually capable of doing their job. If you are not satisfied with the way your telemarketer is currently doing their job, then maybe it is time for you to change your telemarketing tool.A company’s image depends on its ability to present itself in the market. Making a good impression is very important for those that want to attract and keep customers in the long run. You can promote an image of being a professional company through the help of such companies. Print media, the television, and even the radio can be used to promote your company. Of course, when it comes to sheer effectiveness, nothing comes close to what telemarketing services are capable of delivering. It is a business investment that should not be overlooked, as this method can bring more than what companies can imagine. This can help your company reach newer heights of success. This may sound to be overly optimistic, but history and experience clearly shows that there are some things that only telemarketing services can do. Of course, it is assumed here that the telemarketing company that you hired can actually do their work.Replacing a poor performing telemarketing company may sound easy, but if the truth is to be known, this is a task that can create plenty of complications. It is not easy to choose a replacement. Yes, you may say that there are a lot of telemarketers that have all sprang forth around the world. The problem here is that there are not that many of these firms that can actually do their job. In fact, there is the real possibility that some of these firms are actually scams. You will want to avoid such a company. This may call for a little more effort on your part, but at least you can be assured that what you are doing is right. This is your business we are talking about here, and this is something that you should protect at all cost.In the end, the person with the final say is certainly you. Only you can decide whether working with a telemarketing firm can actually help you and your company improves its image, as well as the efficiency in serving your customers. Who knows, this might be the very thing that you will need.

3 Social Networks Every Network Marketer Should Be A Part Of

The network marketing business has been and will continue to be a business built upon the strength of a interpersonal relationships. In this age of technology the advent of the online social network has greatly improved the speed and efficiency in which these relationships can be developed. Names like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn dominate the landscape, but there are also some great social networks that are much more targeted to the network marketing community as a whole.It is no secret that one of the most successful business building strategies is the recruiting of other network marketers. These individuals need no convincing that an MLM business is a wonderful vehicle of opportunity for personal financial independence. These individuals are serious about business building and generally have the track record to prove it.There is an old saying among avid fisherman that goes something like this: “If you’re going to catch fish, you have to go where the fish are.” That saying is just as relevant to an MLM business as it is to bass fishing. If you are serious about building a substantial business, then it is imperative that you begin spending time networking with other professional network marketers. Choosing focused social networks is a great starting point for this type of business building activity.There are three online social networks that are, in my opinion, must haves for anyone wanting to connect with other network marketers. These sites are geared toward the MLM and home business communities. Each of these sites has high traffic counts and offer great exposure for anyone who actively participates in their communities. In addition, each of these sites has additional tools that are meant to enhance and foster the whole relationship building process.BetterNetworkerBetterNetworker is built around the concept of professional development. Each month they offer business building tips and ideas from some of the top leaders in our industry. This site allows you to also develop lead capture forms and other personal branding tools to assist you in creating a market place identity for yourself. Members can connect through forums, blogs, videos and groups.MLM SocialMLM Social promotes itself as the social network for network marketers. This site is built around relationship building and the formation of social community. The site offers a robust profile section and also allows for members to post blogs and articles. The website also includes a community forum and an online chat feature.MyNetworkingProMyNetworkingPro is home business matching service, that is designed to help make the process of professional networking that much simpler. The profile of each individual is full featured allowing video, advertising, events and many other features not found on the other sites. This site also utilizes matching technology to introduce you to new home business professionals on a daily basis. Another feature of this site is that it can also be used as an additional business if a person so chooses.These three social networks are a great asset to any network marketer who is serious about connecting with other professionals in the MLM industry.

Google Places Tags – Possibly Worthwhile But Not the Way To Get Listed

There appears to be a mistaken belief by some businesses that buying “Tags” from Google on their Google Places pages will help them in their ranking. This is not true. Once again, Google is doing the surprising thing that set them apart from all their predecessors by not exchanging cash for rankings.Just as they did with their original search strategy, Google is focused more on giving their ultimate customer, the searcher, the best results, whether the listed firms buy tags or not.Now you may want to buy these little yellow tags for the extra attention they may bring to your listing, particularly if you are not number 1 on the map. Just how much extra attention these small tags will bring is questionable at best, but probably not negligible.If you are not on the first page places map in your market, you would be better off to focus on getting there. Tags will not do it.What will is being sure that you fill out your Google Places page as fully as possible. This includes uploading all 10 images Google allows and at least one video. This single step will catapult many businesses to the top of their local listings because so few of their competitors know that it is important to do so.After merely claiming your page, this completion element appears to be the most powerful single thing you can do to rank. Make sure you take the time to put in your business hours, and the type of payments you receive. They count as well. In fact, you want to fill out as much as you can.Make sure you also offer a coupon, even if you do not have any specials to offer. Just make it a restatement of your standard pricing.There is also a line for additional information. Be sure to add something to it. It can be as simple as saying you offer quality service with a smile.These steps will all help you rank, not because they are difficult, but because so many of your competitors will not take the time to do so.Eventually that will change, so you want to also be sure to get yourself listed with as many other directories and relevant business lists as you can possible get listed on. Google calls these citations.These citations are not necessarily backlinks to your site. Google is good at searching the internet. They want to see that you exist in a lot of other places besides the Google Places Page. They have had long battles with internet marketers who have tried to use “Black Hat” techniques to grab the advantage a first place listing brings to a business. Thus they seem to be ranking those with stronger networks of citations higher. It is relatively easy to get ranked for a broad array of national sites. Eventually, the local listings at your Chamber of Commerce and local industry groups will play a larger role.The other increasingly important factor that will grow in importance will be the number of reviews your site gets. The smart business, will design an ongoing system to actively encourage positive reviews. These need not be on your Google Places page itself. In fact some industry experts think it is better that Google find these reviews on other sites like Yelp. And find them they will.So while there may be a place for buying tags for your business, don’t do it hoping it will help your ranking on Google Places. Instead if your ranking matters to you, and it should, start by making sure your listing is complete.