3 Social Networks Every Network Marketer Should Be A Part Of

The network marketing business has been and will continue to be a business built upon the strength of a interpersonal relationships. In this age of technology the advent of the online social network has greatly improved the speed and efficiency in which these relationships can be developed. Names like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn dominate the landscape, but there are also some great social networks that are much more targeted to the network marketing community as a whole.It is no secret that one of the most successful business building strategies is the recruiting of other network marketers. These individuals need no convincing that an MLM business is a wonderful vehicle of opportunity for personal financial independence. These individuals are serious about business building and generally have the track record to prove it.There is an old saying among avid fisherman that goes something like this: “If you’re going to catch fish, you have to go where the fish are.” That saying is just as relevant to an MLM business as it is to bass fishing. If you are serious about building a substantial business, then it is imperative that you begin spending time networking with other professional network marketers. Choosing focused social networks is a great starting point for this type of business building activity.There are three online social networks that are, in my opinion, must haves for anyone wanting to connect with other network marketers. These sites are geared toward the MLM and home business communities. Each of these sites has high traffic counts and offer great exposure for anyone who actively participates in their communities. In addition, each of these sites has additional tools that are meant to enhance and foster the whole relationship building process.BetterNetworkerBetterNetworker is built around the concept of professional development. Each month they offer business building tips and ideas from some of the top leaders in our industry. This site allows you to also develop lead capture forms and other personal branding tools to assist you in creating a market place identity for yourself. Members can connect through forums, blogs, videos and groups.MLM SocialMLM Social promotes itself as the social network for network marketers. This site is built around relationship building and the formation of social community. The site offers a robust profile section and also allows for members to post blogs and articles. The website also includes a community forum and an online chat feature.MyNetworkingProMyNetworkingPro is home business matching service, that is designed to help make the process of professional networking that much simpler. The profile of each individual is full featured allowing video, advertising, events and many other features not found on the other sites. This site also utilizes matching technology to introduce you to new home business professionals on a daily basis. Another feature of this site is that it can also be used as an additional business if a person so chooses.These three social networks are a great asset to any network marketer who is serious about connecting with other professionals in the MLM industry.

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